Start Pinoy sex

Pinoy sex

Until one day, your pink lungs assume the color of ashes.” I think that stopped one generation of Ateneans from ever smoking again until kingdom come.

Asking around about contraception and actually buying contraceptive devices such as condoms will undoubtedly arouse parents’ or other adults’ curiosity and suspicion.

Because of this, the majority of those who engaged in premarital sex do so without any form of protection.

In short, premarital sex is on the rise, something that we have observed but which now carries concrete, statistical proof.

Happily, Professor Puyat reports that more and more Filipinos are delaying their marriages.

During lab one day, she trapped cigarette smoke in a jar, showed the black traces clinging to the jar, and then said: “These black traces cling to the jar, which is like your lungs.

The longer you smoke, the deeper and the blacker are the traces, like tar around your lungs.

For the small percentage who claimed to have used some form of protection, they cited withdrawal as among the more frequently employed methods.