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When taking this oath we see that God is accompanied by a smoking oven and a torch.

Further underlying the idea that these covenants were grant-like in nature is the similar language used in both.

In the grant of Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian, to his servant Bulta, he describes Bulta's loyalty with the phrase "kept the charge of my kinship".

Most Christians believe this New Covenant is the "replacement" or "final fulfilment" of the Old Covenant described in the Old Testament and as applying to the People of God, while some believe both covenants are still applicable in a dual covenant theology.

By contrast, Genesis 17 contains the covenant of circumcision (conditional). To make of Abraham a great nation and bless Abraham and make his name great so that he will be a blessing, to bless those who bless him and curse him who curses him and all peoples on earth would be blessed through Abraham.

Promissory covenants focus on the relationship between the suzerain and the vassal and are similar to the "royal grant" type of legal document, which include historical introduction, border delineations, stipulations, witnesses, blessings, and curses.

In royal grants, the master could reward a servant for being loyal.

The obligatory covenant is more common with the Hittite peoples, and deals with the relationship between two parties of equal standing.