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దీంతో పాటు ఇదే మ్యాచ్ లో హ్యాట్రిక్ కూడా సాధించాడు. అకాష్ చౌదరి అద్బుత విన్యాసంతో భావర్‌ సింగ్‌ టీ20 టోర్నమెంట్లో ఇది చోటు చేసుకుంది.టోర్నీలో భాగంగా దిషా క్రికెట్ అకాడమీ- పర్ల్ అకాడమీ మధ్య మ్యాచ్‌ జరిగింది. ప్రత్యర్థులతో జరుగుతున్న మ్యాచులలో తమ అద్భుత ఆటతీరుతో రాణించి..

తన బౌలింగ్లో ఒక్క పరుగు కూడా ప్రత్యర్థుల చేయనీయకుండా కట్టడి చేయడంతో పాటు ఏకంగా ప్రత్యర్థి జట్టు అటగాళ్లందరి విక్కట్లను తీసి తన ఖాతాలో వేసుకుని మరో రికార్డు నెలకొల్పాడు. క్రికెటర్లకు మన దేశంలో ఉన్న క్రేజేను తెలియజెప్పాడానికి కూడా ఇది దోహదపడుతుంది.

We lived together for three years at a friends` place. But this time, in one of her interviews, she confirmed that the man she used to talk about was Aditya Pancholi. In spite of all the pain that I`ve caused her she says she wants to be my wife for seven more lives.

Talking about her relationship with Pancholi, Kangana had once said: "It was a very difficult and very harsh time. All Kangana had to do was tell me she was seeing this boy." Recommended Read: Ridhi Dogra's Birthday Message For Her Beau Raqesh Bapat Is Too Sweet To Miss Well, Aditya and Kangana’s chapter is history now and both have moved on in their lives.

Recommended Read: Aftab Secretly Remarries Wife After A Simple Marriage 3 Yrs Back, But This Time In A Lavish Style We all know about the whole controversy involving Kangana and Hrithik where they fought a legal battle against each other. This man who was my father’s age hit me hard on my head when I was 17. I took out my sandal and hit him head hard and he started to bleed too.

In fact, Kangana recently demanded an apology from Hrithik and his father Rakesh Roshan for mentally traumatising her. I lodged an FIR against the man." “I’m a year younger than his daughter. For me, this was all very new – the world that I had come into.

Kangana has always been an outspoken girl, who has urged women to go out and fight for themselves.

She is not only a great actress, but also a proud feminist.

Kangana is happily single now, setting an example for many women out there to fight for what is right! Kangana has always been a favourite of the Bollywood controversies.