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Rules for dating a roadie

This photograph of The Mike Davis Four came to us courtesy of Colin Burns.

His uncle Tommy was in the band in the early sixties and Bob Ferry, of Tony & The Meazzis, obtained permission from Dave, who hails from Belmont, near Durham, for it to be used on this page.

It shows Alan Harland on drums, Robin Parkinson on vocals, Tommy Inglis on bass with Tony Whitfield on lead guitar and John Elgy on rhythm.

It was hand carved as a copy of the Fender Jazz bass, a really beautiful instrument.

The Clevelanders Skiffle Group taken about 1958 with Frank Feeney on guitar, George Barker on bass, Mick Mc Garell on vocals, Jeff Easton playing the tea-chest bass and Barry Grimwood on guitar.

This page is dedicated to the bands from Hartlepool and Teesside who were operating in the 1960's.

If your band is not mentioned here and you'd like to be considered, send me an email with all the details.

The Cadillac Quartette at the Coatham Hotel, in Redcar with Frank Feeney, Brian Dixon, Gary Peckover and Brian Anderson.

The Cadillac Quartette was formed from The Condors, Chet West & The Stormers (for a brief period) then onto The Skyliners - finally Government.

Aquarius in Hartlepool shopping centre with Barry Baker, Eric Best, Linda Hogbin, Dave Hogbin and Brian Edmenson.

Since we created our page on The Milestones band member Trevor Middleditch has been in touch and says: "The two black and white photographs above are of my first band, The Avengers.

Another photo from Dave is of The Kravaats which can be seen lower down the page.