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It edged in slowly, and as it did, she scrunched her eyes up tight and did as I said.

Before she was fully conscious of the action, Bella was taking my cock deeper into her throat — only the best oral pleasure that the most experienced fucking whore could manage. We were fucking like rabbits on heat, and it was amazing. “I want to feel you cling to me as I fuck your cunt.” Bella panted as she agreed. The glans repeatedly smacked into the slick clitoral hood when I drew it out then pushed it back into Bella’s pussy. The man who was responsible for liberating her was the same man who had brought her up to be a good girl, had given her all the love a child could ever hope for.

I looked deep into her eyes, so proud of my little darling. Then the shaft grew fatter, harder, thicker with every push into her snatch. Now Bella needed something more fulfilling and definitely more adult.

I wanted my daughter to experience all I could give her. The sloppy tight grip that kept me and my offspring welded together, cock in cunt was growing more intense, more heated. You want to make a sister or brother for me with me? People will talk, will ask questions.” I drew back a little, although my own unspoken need to plant my built up cum into my daughter was warping my sense of right, of social responsibility. “Oh god…I don’t know sweetheart.” “I want your baby. Fertilize your daughter, your little Bella’s pussy, make my tummy big with our baby. My scrotum tightened and then I felt the pulse of my cum speed up through my loins, through my dick to splash wetly, hotly inside my daughter.

I went as far as I could with that initial push, and now that I am balls deep in the cunt of my 14 year old daughter, I stopped, coming to a dead stop. Very full though.” I twitched a little, making my daughter shudder. Much better than your mother’s first time with me”, I reassured her, and so I made sure she understood that she was loved just as much now if not more so.

She whimpered and moaned, saying over and over again “Make me pregnant daddy, give me your baby.” “Ohhhh FUCK! Locked together I and Bella, father and daughter tried to create a new life in arguably the most sordid but also most erotic ways possible.

“I can feel your cum daddy,” Bella purred, “it’s kinda warm and itching inside me.

She moaned and uttered the occasional “Oh daddy…yes! I was lodged inside her vagina a good inch or so and was undoubtedly ready to pierce her maidenhood. ” I punched through the thin hymen, instantly turning my daughter from an innocent young woman into a beautifully fucked princess.