Start Svensk gratis chattroom

Svensk gratis chattroom

It is free, no matter if you are chatting in group or directly with a friend.

If you don't have the app it depends on what operator you have, but you can always join at least 10 groups.

Wehen you send a message to your group it will only be sent to the other members.

You'll receive an SMS when someone else sends a message to the group.

If SMS is included in your subscription, it is free.

All messages that you send from the app is free Yes, you can send messages no matter where in the world you are, all you need is an internet connection.

If you want to send an SMS to your group it will cost lika one of your normal SMS, no matter the size of the group (and it is free if SMS is included in your subscription). If you have used SMSgrupps service earlier you can replace it with Supertext.

All of your existing groups and settings are available in the SUpertext app and you can send and receive messages via SMS just as you did before. Click on the plus or write icon on the inbox, and select the contacts from your contacts that you want to chat with. When you create a chat with people that doesn't have the app installed your messages will be sent via SMS/MMS to them (for free).

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