Start Swingers free chat site no sign up

Swingers free chat site no sign up

Yankee if your not comfortable with bi males in a situation with you then look into Swinger sites...there are some couples who will play with single men and lots of females for you to a Swingers website, just primarily a Bi-Swingers site, so most have probably done some playing.

There are different types of Swinger Clubs and Swinger Parties.

Some are "Off-Premises" clubs where people go to mingle and chat, and if things go right, leave with others.

Some members have sent me a letter, I try to answer all relevant mail asap. My first wife was bisexual and we looked for another male to join us and everytime the guy said he would he didnt so after several attempts we decided to meet other bi couples only.

Thanks for letting me express my view on yankeecock25's note.

If I tell her I am going out to meet a person or couple from a swinger site what else can she think?

We've been active in the swinger scene for going on 10 years.

There are also "Orgy Parties" where it is big free for all with everyone doing everyone.