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Taylor swift dating patrick kennedy

It’s not the first time Taylor’s been linked to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, the two were spotted enjoying some alone time during the Fourth of July earlier this year in Cape Cod.

Listen chickens, we really have no inside intel as to whether this is true but we certainly hope not because a purchase like this would be just so stupid.

We know that young Miss Swift has a tendency to throw herself willy-nilly into relationships with high-profile men like a multi-million dollar vacation house a few doors down from the grandparents of the guy she’s been hooking up with for a couple short months?

They think she’s a hanger-on and find her obsession with the Kennedy cousins disconcerting. They despise her and don’t want her anywhere near Conor or Patrick.” For someone who’s made a very nice living off singing about her ex-boyfriend’s naughty ways, it sure seems horribly contradictory (and terrible for your public image) to not only cheat on your boyfriend but to hook up with his cousin, the night after hooking up with your boyfriend!

He entered the field after earning his law degree at Harvard and working for two years in the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps.

The property in question—first listed at $13,500,000 a couple years ago and last on the open market for $4,900,000—was recently taken off the market and a someone who claims to work for a company “directly involved in the sale” snitched it was true.

However, as of today, it should be noted, property records do not reflect a transfer of ownership of the 7 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom Cape Cod Colonial.

According to the magazine, Taylor secretly made out with Patrick at a family event she attended with Conor, and the family is up in arms over it, calling her a “hanger-on” who has an obsession with the Kennedys.