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The dating shame

But the worst part is how much shame can be involved because of defences, power trips, and refusing to admit emotions.

Most of us are pretty stupid when it comes to dating.

How many people are holding the Bible up with one hand and trying to launch a missile with the other?

I almost think religion and pain go hand-in-hand sometimes, and that was sort of the way to just keep everyone in check, another way of keeping people suppressed and controlled.

If you are dealing with shame, here are some things to remember: Abusive partners (and sometimes family, friends and society) can convince their partners that the abuse is their fault, or they are the reason the partner is abusive. There is nothing anyone could ever do to deserve to be abused. You don’t deserve to be put down or called names, told who you can or can’t be friends with, or to be controlled or hurt. Dealing with a traumatic experience can be overwhelming, and having someone to talk to about it could be helpful.