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Over powered Obito or Madara - they just never die because Obito is always intangible and Madara never seems to bleed no matter what all he is hit with.

It has been noted by many witnesses to such behaviour including myself that when dogs seem to see these ‘ghosts’ or whatever it is they see their behaviour becomes aggressive / defensive, it does not appear to be the same kind of barking a dog might do if, for example a car drove by the window or the door bell rang, but a similar sort of behaviour to what you might expect a dog to perform if their owner were under attack. Dogs are known to bark at noises they consider familiar or threatening, and just because we can’t hear them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, and it also doesn’t mean that they’re ghosts, a dog can distinguish the sound of its owners car from cars of the same brand and model from a fair distance away.

But of course this doesn’t mean that dogs don’t see ghosts either, some people report that their dogs barking at unseen entities acts more as a warning and is often accompanied by additional unusual or paranormal phenomenon, such as things moving or shaking of their own accord or even to those who are tuned in and able to see such things the appearance of the ghosts themselves.

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Mokuton arm i dont care about because it is too difficult for him to control.

I like him better as someone who just plans but has no real power.

Author has written 20 stories for Naruto, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda, Soul Eater, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Kim Possible, Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rosario Vampire, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Bleach, Negima!

Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, One Piece, Avatar: Last Airbender, Teen Titans, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

The issue is that his chief chose perhaps the most dangerous place for a kitsune to be at, Nerima. Suffering from amnesia, Naruto is stuck in a world of science with no way to return home, or even where his home is. What would Naruto's life be like as a direct descendant of the first Hokage?

With only brief flashes of his memories, super human abilities, and no chakra, Naruto must help his new friends save the city.2 years after his loss in the Unova League Ash is going back through all of the previous leagues he has lost in. The Son of Hephaestus is preparing for a new adventure. And he inherited more than just the "Will of Fire" from Hashirama?

Danzo Shimura - he is a conniving old man that uses Izanagi as a middle finger.