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Two artists dating

As a man called to ministry and called, as we all are, to share his testimony, Bill shares a story that can make people uncomfortable - a story that is very real but is not commonly shared in many churches.

Angela says, "In the letters my sons wrote I received the peace from God that I so desperately needed to survive.

As a high-energy, transparent, bold motivational speaker and teacher, Becky offers a wide range of keynote, workshop, and break-out topics for women's events, girls' gatherings, and mother-daughter-sister-friend events.

BJ Arnett is a virtuous woman of God who is doing exactly what God has shown her to do - and that's quite a lot!

By her senior year of college, she earned the Author Webb award for academic excellence. Now she knows exactly what it takes to help others triumph over test taking. Barnes is a graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, and she taught Human Anatomy and Physiology at the college level.