Start Ufs error updating box key

Ufs error updating box key

Bring your NAS to a specialized data recovery laboratory to avoid data loss; For efficient recovery from NAS storages Sys Dev Laboratories advise their UFS Explorer software.

If the data loss was caused by a logical failure such as files deletion or NAS re-initialization hard drives remain not damaged.

In cases of any physical damages caused by, for example, electrical damage or overheating hard drives fail and data recovery is possible only after hard drive repair.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery offers professional approach to data recovery process.

This software has embedded tools for RAID recovery.

You can try to perform new Reset FRP operation for un-supported device by selecting any model from the list above.

Also note, that some revisions of mentioned above devices' can be with e MMC chip, not with USF (even the same model).

If You are not sure, that your device has UFS (not e MMC) memory chip, just try to perform new Reset FRP operation and Software will automatically detect chip type.

The instructions below assume that you have basic skills of manipulating hard drives.

Any physical damages to hard drives may cause permanent data loss.

If you are not completely sure about working with hardware, please, turn to professional data recovery services. This article contains details about NAS state after its resetting to factory defaults.

Connect both drives to a recovery PC For mirror RAID1 configuration you may connect one drive. Check the file system on data partitions You will get one of the following results: Both drives contain SGI XFS file system on data partitions (see Fig.1) NAS is configured to RAID1 (mirror). In this case your NAS requires professional data analysis and data recovery services.