Start Updating access database in vb net

Updating access database in vb net

Within that method, you provide the logic for retrieving the data.

However, in this case, eager loading provides the best performance because the related data is displayed for each record.

For more information about performance consideration when loading related data, see the section titled Lazy, Eager, and Explicit Loading of Related Data in the Reading Related Data with the Entity Framework in an ASP. By default, the data is sorted by the values of the property marked as the key.

Add those values in the code for seeding the Enrollments table.

The database file has been added, but it is currently hidden in the project. Notice the file now appears in the App_Data folder.

For example, the Student class contains a collection named Enrollments. Enrollments to retrieve that collection and then use LINQ syntax to retrieve the sum of enrolled credits for each student. The Include clause improves the performance of this query but is not essential for the query to work.

In the code-behind file, you need to add the method that is specified for the Select Method value. Without the Include clause, the data would be retrieved using lazy loading, which involves sending a separate query to the database each time related data is retrieved.

You can add an Order By clause to specify a different value for sorting.

In this example, the default Student ID property is used for sorting.

It uses the Visual Studio 2012 template, which is slightly different than the Visual Studio 2013 template shown in this tutorial.

In the tutorial you run the application in Visual Studio.

There are a couple of important concepts in this markup code for you to notice.