Start Updating white kitchen cabinets

Updating white kitchen cabinets

There are many benefits to using chalk paint over latex or another type of paint on your kitchen cabinets.

Nothign a little double sided tape can't remedy: I also had the problem that the screws provided with the hardware weren't long enough to go through the thick cabinet doors, so I had two options.

You will need to add a sealant over the paint and while wax is often used it is not a good fit for kitchens as it is hard to clean.

Chalk paint is not only easier to use, but also gives your cabinets a great look.

We also incorporated the antique brass with the cabinet pulls and a vintage-inspired breakfast room light.

Decorating Den designer Joan Suzio, LEED, AP, started out thinking she was just helping touch-up a dated kitchen; but one thing led to another, and a major kitchen overall completely turned the space around.

I will definitely feel comfortable working with those elements in the future if called upon to do so.

We really wanted to incorporate the newest finishes not only in the color of the cabinetry and the countertop materials but also in the lighting.

You can get as decorative as you want by adding trim.