Start Validating an xml document using dtd in asp net

Validating an xml document using dtd in asp net

What matters, though, is that XDR and XSD schemas are treated in much the same way and with no difference in performance.

Typically, a warning is raised when there is no DTD, XDR or XSD schema to validate a particular element or attribute against.

Unlike errors, warnings do not throw an exception if no validation event handler has been set.

Hence, to track messages and detects errors the application must define an ad-hoc event handler.

The handler for the event has the following signature: The Message field returns the description of the error.

The following is the most commonly used constructor.

The programming interface of the Xml Validating Reader class does not explicitly provide for a single method good at validating the whole content of a document.

The dependency of validating readers on an existing text reader is particularly evident if you look at the class constructors.