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Webcast dating com

Finally, we’ll round out our Docker introduction by presenting the takeaways from Docker Con 2016. This Webcast explains the major challenges that businesses leveraging services from multiple cloud providers or moving from one cloud provider to another face.

The webcast will include a chat space so viewers around the world can talk with "webactors" (actors who are on computers backstage) who can make interventions on stage on the viewers' behalf.

This is the link where the web-based IRC chat tool will be available on March 10, 2018.

And while it makes good economic sense, enterprises are challenged with legacy applications that do not support standard protocols to move data to and from the cloud.

This webcast is of interest to managers and acquirers of cloud storage (whether internal or external), and developers of private & public cloud solutions who want to know more about security & privacy in the cloud. IP-Based Object Drives Now Have a Management Standard (April 2017) The growing popularity of object-based storage has resulted in the development of Ethernet-connected storage devices, herein referred to as IP-Based Drives and subsystems supporting object interfaces and in some cases the ability to run localized applications.

, and you can interact from wherever you are in the world, using a 'webactor' as your intervener.

More information will be available closer to the webcast date.

If you use your smartphone just make sure you access a free Wi-Fi service (say at home or at a cafe), as there may be data charges incurred if you don’t use a complimentary Wi-Fi connection, or if you don’t have an unlimited data plan from your cell phone service provider.