Start Windows xp pro updating error

Windows xp pro updating error

Click OK when you are prompted to confirm the operation. Click OK when you are prompted to clear all previously saved passwords, and then click OK two more times. Start Internet Explorer and try the Windows Update Site again.

It uses TWO technologies called: Active X - to interact with the Microsoft site.

The first time you visit the Update website, using your profile, you are asked if you will accept the Windows Update Control Package (the Active X control) onto your machine.

Because SSL certificates have an expiry date, if the date on your computer isn't correct, it may prevent you from connecting to secure sites.

To verify that your computer is configured with the correct date and time settings: Click Start Click Control Panel Click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options, Click Date and Time Select the Date & Time tab Check to make sure that the date and time settings are configured to use the current date and time, and then click OK (NB - You could also check your date/time in the CMOS - on start up.....) Now open Internet Explorer and try the Windows Update site again.

Windows Update Home Page About Windows Update Support Information Send error number to Microsoft (0x800A138F) The aim of this article is to help you solve this 0x800A138F problem and have you updating your Windows XP Professional or Home Edition computer as soon as possible!

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BUT, when the MSBlast virus was unleashed Microsoft changed a few things at the main update website.

One of them was to use Akamai for additional bandwidth and this connectivity is exclusively using HTTPS (SSL) for the downloading of the update catalogue.

Windows Update Error Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

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If it fails with the 0x800A138F error again try Step 4 Please uncheck "Check for server certificate revocation": Open Internet Explorer Click on Tools Click on Internet Options Click on the Advanced tab Scroll down to the Security Section Unselect "Check for server certificate revocation" Reboot the machine Now open Internet Explorer and try the Windows Update site again.