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I'urthcr, he makes it appear that the op- position of the Germans was exagger- ated — in part willfully, in part unwit- tingly.

which sounded in no other language so hearty and devotional to them. Other Gemiaii Jesuits came later on, one of these being the celebrated Father Farmer, who tlid missionary and educational work in Lan- caster from 1752 to 1758 and later on in St. The followim^ historical sketch is lak- «Mi from the unpublished manuscript of The German Catholic Scliools in CM«"nial Times, hv Father l Uirns. For many years, however, the growth of the Church in and around Goshenhoppen was slow, and Father Schneider's school remained small.

Missionaries Sent from the Fatherland In 1 74 1 the German province oi the Society of Jesus sent out two priests to minister to the German Catholics in the colony. who founded the missions of Conewag""^ and Lancaster, and Father Schneider. The French and Indian war came on, and the country became the theatre of the most savage depredations on the part of the Indians. Berks county was laid waste with fire and sword, hundreds of houses being burned, and many of the settlers being slain and scalped or dragged away into captivity to undergo a fate worse than death.

He was a finely educated man and a devoted teacher and rendered great services to the cause of Catholic education in Pennsylvania during a pe- riod of twenty-five years. ^^K^ PRESKNT CATHOLIC PAROCHIAL SCHOOL AT ALLKNTOWN. In the spiritual its application is still hardly thought of as a possibility.

Xot long al- ter coming to Goshenhoppen he was married to a widow named Johanna Our* ham. There was a time when the science of medicine con- cerned itself almost exclusively with trying to cure small-pox. Xow its efforts are mainly directed to their pre- vention, through vaccination, rigid sani- tation and destruction of the fever-bear- ing mosquito.

Father Schneider took up his residence in a two- storied frame house, the largest probablv in the vicinitv. EARLY GERMAN CATHOLIC PAROCHL\L SCHOOLS 295 CHURCH OF THE MOST BLESSED SACPw AMENT AT BALLV. The rear part of this church is the original chapel where Father Schneider Is burled.

and here, according to traditions, he began his sc Ikx-^I. The present church was built independent of the old chapel.

In the parts following his own, his purpose is to show that after the common school law of 1834 met its ene- mies — whoever they may have been — conquered them and made them its friends, the Pennsylvania-Germans were as much interested in the public schools as any other of the numerous classes of people that compose the population of the State.