Start Wpf updating ui asynchronously

Wpf updating ui asynchronously

Basically, we can implement Ajax in two ways (in ASP. The first option is by updating panel and Ajax toolkit and the second option is by the j Query Ajax method.

I think I got it working though, so thanks to all of you who did help!!! Typically in a chat app your events will come in on other threads (either dedicated socket listen threads or thread pool threads from listening code).

Welcome to the Asynchronous Programming in C# 5.0 article series. This article explains asynchronous programming in C# 5.0 with suitable examples.

I hope you have had good experiences with C# and you already understand the concept of asynchronous technique, what it is, and what its value is in applications. This will be a quick explanation of the entire concept, then we will explain two very important keywords in the world of asynchronous programming, called async and await. If you are a senior web developer (at least 5 years in this field) then you have a lot of experience with the bad response time of web applications.

In the next article we will understand various return types of asynchronous methods.

Note: 2008 and older issues are only available as files.

In C# 5.0 Microsoft has given us the ability to write our own asynchronous code with C#.

Before starting with an example I would like to discuss two master keywords of asynchronous programming, called async and await. Async This keyword is used to qualify a function as an asynchronous function.

In other words, when it finishes its execution it will complete a Task.