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Chris is a favorite of some of the South’s finest chefs, but he’s not all about the white tablecloth.

Bryan Stevenson not only defends those marginalized people but empowers others to do the same through Montgomery, Alabama’s Equal Justice Initiative and through his bestselling memoir, Chris Bennett is changing the South literally from the ground up.

He’s a lover of the earth’s bounty, but where most farmers stop, Chris begins: He’s a forager, meaning he hunts and scavenges for things like berries, mushrooms, and shrubs that have big flavor even though they’re often overlooked.

Jones took over management of Thomasville, Georgia’s bookshop The Bookshelf in 2013.

Since then, we’ve been continually impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit, creative inspiration, and rock-solid daily reading picks available through her blog, on social media and by listening to From the Front Porch, her podcast.

Sapelo is the last of the South’s barrier islands that still retains certain distinctive qualities, including the Geechee dialect historically spoken by its African American residents, and Bailey is stalwart in her fight against anyone who pushes her community to sacrifice culture in the name of progress.

Sometimes those most in need of help are the most likely to fall through the cracks of the criminal justice system.

Judge him by his collaborators—Emmylou Harris, or Ben Tanner, or Zack Cockrell of Alabama Shakes—or judge him by his unique sound, but Le Blanc has the kind of potential that makes us stand back and take notice.