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Sense is not the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about this movie.

Thanks to his history of law-breaking, XXX fits the bill, and Gibbons is able to coerce this fast-talking semi-outlaw into infiltrating and ultimately bringing down an underworld crime organization.

Xander finds that he has been drawn into a frightening game of terror and that he has to use all the skills at his disposal to blow the bad guys up and save the world, since everything is riding on his shoulders.

The recipe for XXX is straight out of the James Bond formula for filmmaking that people love so much.

However, the execution of that recipe is like my execution of the recipe to make sambar, and even the worst James Bond movie will look like Indiana Jones when compared to this pretender.

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Credit ought to be given where credit is due, though, and Rob Cohen has done a fantastic job of imitating popular 007 movies in action and storyline.

The photography is eye catching, although clearly inspired by, yes, Her Majesty's Secret Servant's adventures.

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Gobber is convinced that his old nemesis, The Boneknapper Dragon, is responsible, a giant dragon that clothes itself in dragon bones like armor.