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Brett did most of the design work, and I put everything together. status: redesigned timeline: 1997-1999 A native corporation that wanted to keep in touch with all their shareholders.

Only after you join, do you find out the profile is outdated and the person doesnt actually even exist anymore.

They also recycle the profiles so that it appears there are 10x as many prospects as there actually are.

I designed, put all the lessons in flash, designed the database and developed the tests, logging in and administration in cold fusion.

British Petroleum Intranet Training status: intranet only timeline: 2001 An internally online training program for BP managers, the result of losing a multi-million dollar court case.

You will see the exact same profile appear numerous times in your search. If you join this website beware that you will be screwed.

These people need to be sued for ethics violations, deception, and for making it impossible to communicate with them.

Alvin helped out a lot on the production of the site.